How to Stop Ballot Mules from Hijacking our Elections

The recent documentary, 2000 Mules, has brought to light how our election system has been hijacked. While this article will not get into the nitty gritty details of who is doing the hijacking, we will explore how this is playing out and what we, as American citizens on both sides of the aisle, can do to stop it.

What are Ballot Mules?

Ballot Mules are paid operatives sent with small batches of sealed ballots to drop boxes in the same city, adjacent cities, or even in multiple counties. While it is tempting to think this is a one-sided strategy, these tactics have been used by not-for-profit organizations linked to both Republican and Democrat candidates.

What this means to us as Americans is that we have a widespread problem of “installed”, rather than duly elected, representatives who have been systematically put into office.

Where do the Ballots Come From?

The voter roles in swing counties throughout the country are “dirty”.  Many of the voters listed on current roles within the Secretary of State’s office are incorrectly counted. The system used by many states for cleaning their voter rolls, ERIC,) has systematically been allowing inaccuracies.

  • Some of the ballots are for people no longer alive, including youngsters who died and would now be turning 18. Other phony ballots are from real people who haven’t voted in a long time. Many of these people were at one point removed from the voter rolls only to mysteriously re-appear.
  • Canvassing throughout the United States by citizens has revealed many ballots cast by people who no longer live at the residence in question.  Duplicate ballots sent to outdated addresses can potentially allow a vote to be placed via drop box without detection.
  • Another way a ballot that isn’t real can be inserted into the election is via nursing home harvesting.  People who are incapacitated or marginally functional can have their ballots taken and used nefariously. This adds up and is a huge problem successfully uncovered by law enforcement in Wisconsin and Texas.
  • If all of these methods weren’t enough, it has been revealed that mail in ballots have been used unlawfully to vote prior to election day, leaving legitimate voters at the polls to fill out provisional ballots which may not get counted.
  • Some ballots were mailed to dilapidated or even demolished buildings and office complexes with no tenants.
  • One last group of ballots includes people that do not exist at all.  Often times, by changing middle initials, middle names, and last names, ballots that are invalid can be pushed through.

What Can We as Americans Do?

It is easy to feel helpless and throw your hands up in the air since election irregularities like this on both sides, Republican and Democrat, have been ongoing for many years. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines any longer though as the situation has gotten progressively worse.

It appears to be part of a larger strategy to undermine our democratic republic. If you value freedom, now is the time to take action and participate.

  • By joining, you can help to lawfully guard the drop boxes during primaries and midterm elections in your state via Drop Box Initiative 2022. This grass-roots organization is growing rapidly as part of a movement to ensure our legally cast votes are counted properly without disenfranchisement or violation of the 14th amendment.
  • Contact your Secretary of State and recommend they discontinue the use of ERIC if they are still doing so. You may also want to reach out to your other elected officials to encourage stricter clean up of the voter rolls.
  • Reach out to your local county elections office and verify that there are no former tenants or owners registered to vote at your address.
  • Similarly, if you have lived elsewhere and moved, be sure that you are not listed in other cities, counties, or states as a registered voter.  You may need to put this in writing. Take the time to do so ASAP. It is that important!

While it is likely this problem with election irregularities is not going to clear up overnight, it is imperative that we get involved to move the needle in the direction of free and fair elections regardless of our political viewpoints.

It is unacceptable in a country like ours to have representatives in office who were not actually elected by the people. If you have information about unlawful ballot stuffing, please contact your local law enforcement agency and file a report. The more that we can eliminate this problem, the more secure our election system will be going forward.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in this blog article are not paid for by either political party and are in compliance with constitutional law. Clean Elections USA is a grass roots organization dedicated to legally safeguarding our elections.