The ‘Resolution Revolution’ Has Begun

We at Clean Elections USA are ecstatic over the resolution approved by the Texas Republicans stating that Joe Biden was not “legitimately elected” in 2020.  Additionally, the Maricopa County Republican Committee has now unanimously rejected the certification of the 2020 election, basing their decision on violations of Article 1 and 2 of the US constitution. Based on well documented evidence that various Secretaries of State illegally circumvented their state legislature in multiple ways, the decision was made.

If county and state GOPs around the USA declare they no longer recognize the legitimacy of the Trump-Biden 2020 election and pass resolutions, this could spread and create a path for full decertification and/or Supreme Court overturn. (As we are not lawyers, we have no idea what the legalities might be.)

What we do know is that optics would be great. How long could the main stream media (MSM / legacy media) go on ignoring the fact that county after county and state after state are denouncing the election of 2020 by formal resolution?  We, as Americans who want free and fair elections, appreciate their brave efforts.

To find your state GOP leaders, from any search engine, type the name of your state plus the initials GOP. For county GOPs, you can type the county name plus the word County and GOP.  So for example, if you live in Florida, you can write FLORIDA GOP and this will bring up a link. Each state has their own unique website.  Similarly, by typing, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY GOP you will be able to get in touch with county GOP leadership.

A short note like this would be helpful:

I understand that the State of TX and the County of Maricopa have both passed resolutions stating they do not believe the 2020 elections were legitimate. As a citizen in your area, I respectfully request that your organization look into passing a similar resolution.

Thank you for taking action immediately on this very important matter.


If you would like to help ensure our 2022 elections are as free and fair as possible, join us at Clean Elections USA. We are currently looking for volunteers for our #dropboxinitiative2022 to help us lawfully watch the ballot boxes in various states. In addition, we need support volunteers to help with a variety of activities.  Visit us at for more information on how you can play a role in saving our republic.