8 Ways You Can Stop Election Fraud in Its Tracks

It’s easy to get discouraged when looking at the systematic ways our votes have been diluted by phony ballots. The list of ways the cheating has been done is long. When taking in the enormity of the election theft in 2020 and the challenges of keeping 2022 clean, it can be downright overwhelming.  Add to this, the media gaslighting and ongoing J6 nonsense, and it is a recipe for becoming truly disheartened and powerless.

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Luckily, people are standing up and the truth is being uncovered. We have some real American heroes out there like Seth Keshel, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Gregg Phillips, Catherine Engelbrecht, Dinesh D’Souza, Matt DePerno, Mike Lindell, Lara Logan, Tina Peters, Liz Harris, and others who have literally put their lives on the line to uncover what is clearly a planned effort to undermine our democratic republic.

The use of brainwashing tactics like “baseless claims” and “most secure election” combined with the relentless attack on Trump and his allies and the recounts of the fraudulent ballots have convinced a percentage of the population there is nothing to see here. However, the most recent polls indicate that the majority of both Democrats and Republicans believe the election in 2020 was suspicious. 

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You Can Help Prevent Election Theft!!

We often hear people say things like, “there is always some election fraud” as if it is okay at a certain level. However, with the help of our heroes mentioned above, we now know that the level of fraud in 2020 was unprecedented and determinative, meaning Joe Biden is now NOT our duly elected representative and neither is Kamala Harris. The rabbit hole goes much deeper, but this is all we need to know for now. It means that we do not have free and fair elections in the US and this should be concerning for all.

Now that we have collectively identified the problems, what are the solutions?  What can we, as every day Americans do to play a role, no matter how small, in helping to rectify the situation?  We have seen new laws go into effect in numerous states and that is a start, but given that 2022 is here and we still have dirty voter rolls, drop boxes, mail in ballots, no voter ID requirements, and hackable equipment, what are our options before the next election?

Call or Email the GOP at the County and State Level

Ask the GOP in your county and state to adopt a resolution rejecting the 2020 election results. This resolution should include a statement that Biden was not legitimately elected. There are several counties and states that have already done this. You can find the search online for emails and phone numbers to reach out to GOP leaders. If time permits, it might be a good idea to organize a group that collects signatures either online or in person. This way, the GOP can’t ignore it. While state and local GOPs are a great way to go on this strategy, don’t count on the National GOP for help as there are way too many RINOS.

Imagine if hundreds of counties and states did this at once what an impact it would make.  If you have the time, you could even contact the leadership at multiple GOP offices throughout the country. While this won’t directly help keep 2022 clean, it will send a strong message to the criminals that lets them know it is not okay to steal elections in America. 

Contact Your Local Elections Office

Make sure you and those in your household are the only ones registered at your address. If you have moved to another county, be sure that the Elections office in your former geography knows you are gone. Many of the ballots cast in 2020 were what is known as “ghost votes”. Based on canvassing data, it is estimated that roughly 24% of the fraud in swing counties, was done this way. 

Report Neighbor Moves and Deaths

If you can, get involved in legislative activities to get rid of the ERIC system which is dirtying our voter rolls across the nation. ERIC is still in 31 states and is linked to George Soros who is hellbent on destroying our country. ​In the meantime, you can sign up to contribute to the Independent Voter Validation and Verification database.

As a registered voter, you are able to submit potentially ineligible records for local review through a process often referred to as a voter challenge. This is a grassroots initiative and once you have been authorized in your county, you can simply type in the name of someone you think may have moved or died and send in a challenge. While getting rid of ERIC all together is our best bet, this step can be very helpful in counties where ERIC is already gone but the voter rolls need cleaning up.

Help With the Drop Box Initiative 2022

Clean Elections USA is another ​grassroots organizations that is easy to join and a lot of fun as well. The group brings people together to communicate in real-time and is actively working with other organizations to prevent the scenario we saw in 2000 Mules. By lawfully keeping an eye on the drop boxes in states across the US using various strategies this group is committed to preventing unlawful ballot casting. You can sign up to watch drop boxes or participate in administrative support. While many of the participants are republicans, democrats and independents are welcome to come aboard as volunteers to protect our election process.

Report Irregularities to ProtectAmerica.vote

This year, a new group was formed that creates an alliance with the Sherriff departments at the local level. It is the brainchild of True the Vote. Instead of catching problems after the fact, it will allow citizens to rapidly report law breakers in real time. Sign up today to be part of this effort.

Help True the Vote Get Access to the Videos

The Citizen Video project is working hard to get the ​2020 Drop Box videos from a variety of locations. You can go to the website and download a request for information from various counties throughout the country.  We only have until September 3, 2022 before these records are due to be destroyed and they need your help.

Become a Poll Worker

By becoming a Poll Watcher, you can have a front row seat to see what is going on and will be in a position to report irregularities as they occur. Many of the ballots sent out to faulty addresses were returned by the post office only to be “cracked” open and used to cast illegitimate votes. Votes with no signatures were opened and counted. Other irregularities to numerous to mention here occurred as well. By becoming closely involved in the election process, you could play a crucial early role in catching and even preventing shenanigans.

Spread the Word

Sharing the information in this article is another way you can help. We need to ‘spread the word’ on the many ways in which people can get involved.

The bottom line is that we cannot wait for anyone to save us from this horrible infiltration of our country​, and we must ensure our election process is free of organized ballot theft. Most of us know by now that Joe Biden got 81 million ballots rather than 81 million votes. Counterfeit ballots that were not lawfully cast should not count. It is on us to do what we can to resolve this crisis. While we can’t do everything, we can all do something!