10+ Ways the Election was Rigged in Maricopa County

We took some time to review the recent forensic audit presentation given by Jovan Pulitzer and have managed to break down his key findings into a simple blog for easy reading. We wish the article could be even shorter, but given the amount of data, he uncovered, we wanted to capture most of his points.

For those of you who don’t know, Jovan Pulitzer is a qualified expert in what is known as kinematic artifacts and was hired as part of the audit process in Maricopa County. His team looked at every aspect of the ballots methodically and scientifically using custom machine learning software that was developed for this specific purpose. The video of Jovan’s presentation is available on RSBN and begins approximately 1 hour and 12 minutes in. You can also follow Jovan on Rumble at JovanHuttonPulitzer and join him on Locals.

The election was not certifiable.


There was gross maladministration, and the ballots cannot be verified to comply to election procedures. There were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes in violation of the 14th amendment for equal protection under the law. There was physical proof of both voter fraud and widespread election fraud in Maricopa County, AZ. 


  1. Pulitzer found there was a predetermined algorithm running on the machines in Maricopa. 406,972 “predetermined” outcome ballots were inserted into the 2020 general election in Maricopa County. These votes were not cast in a one voter, one vote, manner as prescribed by law.
  2. When adjusted, 91.62% of the “predetermined” votes cast were for Joe Biden.  They had to make paper ballots match the determined outcome after the fact and this was done systematically across all Maricopa County voting precincts.
  3. There were 141 batches of ballots in boxes that had evidence of tampering.  Each batch had up to 1300 ballots and it became apparent upon examination they were pilfered to make the paper match the digital outcome. Documentation was found at the bottom of the boxes and the ballots in the box were not in the order they should have been in.  This represents nearly 2.5x of the margin of election and 13.94% of batches were digitally processed rather than manually processed.
  4. The machines were NEVER calibrated properly ever per the law and this resulted in huge amounts of disenfranchisement. Out of a 384 ballot sample, only 17 voters had ballots that matched up with the calibration standards. The rest in the test, 331, were not aligning in accordance with compliance standards for elections.  The machinery was significantly off in all counties leading to widespread maladministration in all counties with disenfranchisement of 130,455 minority voters.
Paper calibration issues led to disenfranchisement of voter rights.
  • 5. Maricopa County reported it used ONLY Roland Vote Secure Paper for the 2020 election. Non secure, non-compliant commercial grade paper cut to the ballot size was inserted into the election via the Ballot on Demand machines. More than 200K ballots were printed on non-compliant paper. 120,867 ballots were forced to manual adjudication which represents 9x the deciding outcome of the presidential election.
  • 6. Maricopa County demanded the use of Sharpies which bleed through the paper and were previously prohibited. This confused the scanning machines.  The combo of incorrect paper and sharpies created over 2M extra votes appearing on ballots.  This led to a massive adjudication event in Maricopa County that was 11x the normal adjudication rate. Of these, 49K+ were cast by minority voters.
  • 7. Color coded ballots did not match up with county reports and there was a 10X overage of black-and-white only votes. In addition, down ballot anomalies were detected for races that were not hand counted with over 3M machine inserted ovals that were not detected and may have been used to pad undervotes for county sheriffs, county recorder, county attorney, and each of the 5 board of supervisors. 
  • 8. There were 142,091 anomalies that confirm ballot swapping, ballot box pilfering, and excess ballot production and duplication. 10,943 ballots were counterfeit based on a 10 step forensic analysis. Of these ballots, 39% were for Trump, 46% were for Biden and 13% were cast for write in candidates. 7% of the deciding outcome represents a stolen vote. They were used widespread across the county.  
  • 9. One way to gain access to extra ballots is to use undeliverable mail in ballots that have been returned from the post office and then eliminate signature verification. This is known as ballot cracking. Maricopa County reported 53,866 returned ballots that were undeliverable and states they were sent to the printing company for destruction which is in direct violation of federal law requiring 22 month retention. The USPS reports returning 110,092 so this is a discrepancy as well.
  • 10. Upon examination of voter roles, this forensic research uncovered 246K+ phantom voters. Phantom voters were scrubbed immediately after the election and reflect the following categories averaging 332 phantom voters per precinct representing 26% of the declared margin of the win.  Phantom voters include a. duplicates with similar identities in different counties 2. Maiden name usage 3. College students voting at home 4. Completely fraudulent names 5. Very odd names of past non-voters. Many phantom voters held common last names so they were more easily blended into the real voters on the roles.
  • 11. Provisional ballots had unusually high rejection rates that disenfranchised minorities and would have been determinative. Maricopa county refused 7 out of 10 provisional ballots in 2020 with a 66% rejection rate which represents 12,112 votes.  Only 29% of provisional ballots were rejected in 2016. 73 out of 81 provisional ballots rejected were cast by minorities.  This happened often when people showed up to the polls and were told they already voted. We have seen this pattern in other states.

While this is a lot to take in, we wanted to write it down for those who don’t have the time to watch the entire presentation. Jovan has taken a few days off to recuperate and will surely be doing podcasts to go over each section in greater detail now that the information is available. In the meantime, this is big news so please share this article with everyone you know.


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Please note that we give full credit to Tesla Laboratories, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and RSBN for all information and honor their copyright fully.